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5 years ago


Over the past few days, I've been inundated with hundreds (perhaps more than 1000) of SPAM emails. Most are not marked as SPAM. I think someone may have hacked my accounts (I have two) and is sending all this garbage to me as a prank. I'm spending much too much time weeding through all the ** I'm receiving attempting to weed out the ** from the good.

Is there anything Cox or I can do to remedy this very annoying problem?

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    i'm getting 10 or less/day the last 2 weeks, most are picked up by outlook 2016, 2-3 show up in webmail.

    either hacked or websites you're visiting!

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      If you've provided your email address to a vendor you use and they've been hacked, your email address may have been made available to spammers.  

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      I have been having the same problem for a month. Been reporting it on spamreport, blocking and marking it as spam. The spam still coming thru at an alarming rate - 10+ a day. Spoke with support to no avail.  Guess I will move my email.

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        I’m in the same boat.  I’ve reported every spam email, added about 150 filter rules, and all they do is change the spacing of 1 word and they beat all the filters and I STILL get the usual 5-6 a day.  It’s been happening for the last 2 months and it’s as if Cox has done NOTHING to stop them.  What is even more frustrating is that Cox had the problem remedied, and now it’s back worse than ever, and it’s as if they’ve given up.  I only got 1 yesterday, but now the usual 5 are back this morning.  I am about to shut down my email account but I have too many LEGITIMATE people set up with it.  

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      But all they do is change their email address and it still comes through.  Blocking 1 domain is like putting up a lace curtain to stop a Mack truck.