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4 years ago

How to setup internal DNS?

I would like to setup internal DNS for all the hosts in my home. I find that I can reserve IP address space out of the DHCP range, but there is no apparent name resolution to the ip. I would really like to use names when referring to my hosts in my network.

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    You could do it the old fashion way with a host file.  You have to obviously create one then distribute to all clients.

  • Most routers have a configuration option which allows one to override the ISP provided DNS server IP address with an IP address you provide (e.g. Google DNS You can setup a DNS server on your home network and configure the router to use the IP address of your DNS server as the DNS server provided by the router's DHCP service.

    usao doesn't specify what model router is in use... does the Cox Panoramic gateway allow one to override the Cox default DNS server IP address with a different IP address?

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      i believe OP only wants to network at home via host names as opposed to remembering...although static...private IP addresses.

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        bruce  I think you may have missed my point. If OP runs his own DNS server on local network, the DNS server can be configured to differentiate between internal domain and external domain requests. Configuring a DNS service is beyond the scope of the discussion here. All that is required is a local DNS service configured appropriately and a router which supports overriding the ISP provided DNS IP address so DHCP clients on the local network receive the local network DNS service IP address.