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2 years ago

How to reset gateway password

I recently upgraded my Cox router and have forgotten the password I changed it to from the default "password" when I set it up. I've looked through the Cox Support articles and have searched everywhere but somehow no one, in the last 20 years, has forgotten it. I'd rather take a bullet than have to chat with a representative so, please, if anyone knows how to do this and can tell me I will be forever grateful.

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    You recently replaced your previous router with a new router and have forgotten the password to access the new router?  If this is true, then you'll have to reset the router to its factory default settings (Factory Reset) and then use the default username and password to access the router settings.

    Look for the make and model of your Panoramic, click the link and search factory.

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    If you have a NEW router, than the default username of ' admin ', and the password of ' password ' should work.