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6 years ago

how to permanently remove an address from spam?

not sure why, but all gmail I received end up in spam folder. I pull one by one out of the spam folder, and marked them as "not a spam". However the newer gmails still end in spam folder, I was wondering how to solve this problem. Thanks!

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    How can I permanently remove email going directly into spam folder BACK to my inbox when they are received.  Simply clicking on the 👍to say NOT SPAM does not work

  • Hello Poinsettia,

    I am sorry to learn of your spam troubles. Are the senders' email addresses saved in your address book?

    Latitia S.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Are all the Gmail different threads (different Subject lines) or the same email from different senders?  As you know, words can trigger filtering, such as "50% Off," so that could be the reason.

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      thank you so much for your reply. the gmails are from different people with totally different subject