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4 years ago

How to fix outdoor cameras

My new gateway modem is 5GHz and all my outdoor cameras  are 2.4GHz.  How do I fix?

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  • @Jack Corey, You should be able to attach your 2.4G cameras to your 2.4G network since most gateways are dual band. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      It's dual band but the app on my phone keeps getting the 5GHz and wont let me load them.  It wont recognize the cameras. Can I turn off 5 GHz until they get loaded or would I have to set up all new passwords.

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        @Jack Corey,

        As long as you do not have Wifi Pods, I would suggest downloading the Cox Panoramic Wifi App in order to optimize your two networks (i.e. giving them different names). The link provided here should assist you: .

        Ben S.
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    you need to have researched what camera requirements were before buying a 5ghz  modem.