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6 months ago

How to: Backup Webmail to Gmail

     The following steps will backup all your incoming and outgoing Webmail to a Gmail account.

  1. Create a new Gmail account or use an existing one.
  2. Create a Gmail "Cox" label.                                                                                             (Optional)
  3. Create a Gmail rule to route all email from your Webmail account to the "Cox" label.  (Optional)
  4. Set up Webmail "Auto Forward" to backup all incoming email to Gmail.
  •      Settings > All settings... > Inbox > Scroll down to: Rules > Auto forward...
  •      Toggle "Auto forward" on.
  •      Enter the Gmail email address.
  •      Check "Keep a copy of the message".
  •      If you have other Filter Rules that follow, check "Process subsequent rules".
  •      Apply changes

     5. Set up automatic BCC in Webmail to backup all outgoing email to Gmail.

  • Settings > All settings > Inbox > Scroll down to: Advanced settings> Enter the Gmail address in the box below:  Always add the following recipient to blind carbon copy  (BCC) 

     Steps #2 and #3 may be omitted if you don't prefer to keep Webmail separate from other Gmail.         Steps #1, #2, and #3 may be omited if another email provider is substituted for Gmail.                           The above is a consolidation of posts from another forum discussion.

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      I received a Heads Up also, that Cox Email would be going away in the near future.
      I was advised to make other arrangements Sooner than Later.
      There will most likely be very little, to no warning... 

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      Hello WiderMouthOpen, 

      That would be news to me, if so. I have not heard anything about our email going away in the next year. 

      • WiderMouthOpen's avatar
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        Well what news did you give us when the new platform came out? Seems moderators aren't kept in the loop. Maybe ask ExtraChrispy who seems to be the source of the rumor?