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6 years ago

Here we go again (Lost emails part 2)

Around the first week of January you all lost my email and roughly 56 days later they finally returned. I was in the process of moving them to another email server, however march 1 they disappeared again. I did have a case number but all my emails before march 1 are gone, they disappeared again on march 7. I have been with cox communications for over 20+ years and never encountered a serious problem, I hope that this issue is resolved quickly and that I am not stuck waiting around for another 2 months. Whatever system it is you are using or whatever it is that you are currently doing please switch back to how you were doing things before. With my bill increasing $10 a month and this revolving door of a problem I can't help but wonder that it maybe time to reevaluate my present and future dealings with Cox.

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  • Hi Versed1mg,

    Are your emails missing in Cox Webmail? Go to and log into your Webmail account. Are you able to access email stored in your folders and view your current Inbox email? Or are the emails missing in a third-party email client such as Outlook or Outlook Express? Also, what is the date range of the missing email?

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    My email account was deactivated because i do not log on to the website, instead I use outlook 2016. It was reactivated on Friday and I was told it would take up to 24 hours to have everything back in place . My folders are there, however none of my previous emails are there, many of them were very important (legal, warranty, etc.). The only, I am getting from Cox is ,"We're looking into it the matter, and we're sorry".

    Thanks for looking into it , and any help you can give.

    The above was my post back in January.

    Finally on March 1st they reappeared some 56 days later, but only for less the a week. Now they are missing AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Hi Versed1mg,

    In order to investigate further, we need to take our conversation offline so we can get a few more account details. Please email with your full name, street address, and a link to this Forums page. If you like, you can put my name in the subject line of your email. We'll get to the bottom of this for you!