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6 years ago

heads up - watch your bill

My fault for not paying attention to my bill, but noticed that I was charged for a professional installation when I wasn't told about it. I think they make the internet not work until you call to get someone out. The set up is super easy but found it wouldn't connect until the service guy was scheduled to be there. Funny timing. And pissed that I don't have a decent choice in internet providers. That is all. 


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    I was charged for same thing but it was actually a swap for a bad modem rented from cox. I did not pay it and was adamant that I was never told there would be a charge to literally just plug in the new one. They did take it off my bill and apologized that it was not clarified by the technician. What's weird is I have the $10 extra a month that's supposed to cover anything done by technician but was still going to be charged for the install. 

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      Hi Morgan1982, we apologize immensely for the misunderstanding. The Cox Complete Care program is a wonderful, comprehensive program that covers advanced technical support for electronic devices, as well as internal wiring repair. One of the few things this protection plan does not cover is the professional installation of our products and services. Here's some more information about our Cox Complete Care program:

      If you have any additional questions or concerns about the protection plan, we encourage you to forward a link to this forum thread at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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        Hey Kevin thanks for the response. The technician was out repairing some outside issues and trying to find packet loss and suggested swapping out the modems and said nothing about the installation charge. The service rep that wanted to technician came out said any and all work the technician would do inside or out was covered so I never thought twice about it. It's not a big deal you guys took care of it and didn't charge me for the swap and the technician probably wasn't even aware that I would be charged. Hes actually a really good guy and helped with a lot of the issues I was having with signal levels. I was just adding to the discussion that you do have to be cautious of what can and can't be charged. I do recommend the cox complete care to anybody that has your service, its definitely worth the 10 bucks a month.