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2 years ago

Having more intermittent connectivity and packet loss

Affecting normal browsing, gaming, video buffering, and VPN connectivity.

On wifi and ethernet. 

Have had this problem before, just get tired of complaining about it sometimes.

Was told COX would sent out a line technician, after last tech said he scheduled one.

Have swapped out modem router. Have factory reset. Have tried multiple splitters and connectors to the coax. And yes, I realize the third image shows packet loss on an outside Cox IP of 100%, the server probably has echo disabled.

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    Some of the pings on the traceroute could have been dropped due to router load. A ping request is the lowest form of communication, and if the router becomes busy with other things, it will perform those tasks instead of responding to a ping request. That being said, when you lose connectivity, is your modem still online, or has it gone offline and is reconnecting?