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12 months ago

Has there been a security breech?

This week I have been receiving spam/fraud emails using a address.  These messages are being sent directly to my email address. I have been setting up rules to direct them to spam but the user name has been changed on all of the messages but the domain remains

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    There are people who use the same password for everything. When they do, and something gets compromised, like the Google FI and the T-Mobile data breaches already this year. Anyone who used the same password on Google Fi, or T-Mobile, that they used for their cox email well guess what, the breach gives them email addresses, and passwords to test out. It's sad, but it happens ALL the time. 

    When you get an email from a email address that's a phishing email forward as an attachment to, and the account that sent it will get flagged and suspended, till the owner of the email account calls in and they reset the pwd and the scammer no longer has access to it. 

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      I have actually taken part in several different pwn to own hacking contests for money, (And made money), and have been a member of the Last job in the military was assistant to the AIS security officer at NSSF New London. 

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        You are a white hat now though, right? 😎

        Anyway, I put my Gmail email in there and got nothing but when I a relatives Gmail email I got several breeches including one from LiveJournal I think they were involved in. So it seems to still be updated.