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5 years ago

Has any user here, got their packetloss issues fixed?

I have been dealing with this issue for years, way before COVID-19 came about, and I didn't get a fix then, and I don't think I am getting a fix now, or ever. But I would like to know your experiences with this, and before a rep locks my post, yes I have done the troubleshooting steps listed, and NO they didn't work, probably everyone here has tried it and failed, but back to the matter at hand, I've been emailing cox over and over, almost to 500 emails, and I have not gotten a fix, they said once it was a plant issue, they had told me they had a open ticket, couple days later. NO fix. So I contact them again, they send another tech out, be aware that i've had over 25 techs come, and see nothing. even when providing hardcore evidence something is happening, but again they send a tech out, the tech, his name is James, he had been to my house 2 other times, matter of fact he was one of the 4 other techs that came out that week, but this time he had a second tech with him, he ran his normal tests, and said that the upstream test failed. and that is the problem, then I looked back at my packetloss in Fortnite, fortnite only gets packetloss on the upstream and so does a couple other games, so that helped confirm it is a upstream issue, he said he would put a ticket in for a linemen to do what he needed. next morning linemen is up doing his thing, 5 mins into it i see him coming down, tells me nothing is wrong, nothing he can do, leaves shortly after, now today the tech switched out my modem, and switched out my moca filter, why i have no idea. He replaced my modem didnt help getting packetloss in games and discord app. nothing changed. that is my story I would love to hear yours. hope my issues get fixed sometime.

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  • Hi Zurq,

    I'm sorry you've had this experience. I see that we've escalated this to our field leaders in the area and hope to get to the bottom of this for you soon. Thank you.