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3 years ago

Great download speeds, horrible upload and packet loss

For about a month now I have been experiencing horrendous upload speeds (<1mpbs) and packet loss between 15-30% but only from around 8am-8pm. During the night/early morning I am getting my advertised 750mpbs download and 30 mpbs upload speeds and 0% packet loss. Called many times and had technicians tell me they can see the issue but have no answers. I work from home and it’s getting so bad that I am not able to do simple tasks. I have upgraded my plan and equipment (per Cox’s advice) just to have the issue continue. Seeing many people in the same boat with no real solutions. I just want the service I pay highly for and unfortunately don’t have any other similar speed options in my area. Don’t expect this to be fixed for me on a message board but to say this is frustrating is the understatement of the year!

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