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5 years ago


I has COX install the panoramic WiFi with 200 Mbps service about 6 months ago. I just upgraded to gigablast and no matter what speed check app I run I always get between 320 and 370 Mbps download. So what do I do now?

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    Cox duped you.  Now you know the capability of your connection, downgrade your plan to the Ultimate Package (300/30 Mbps).

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    Basically Cox Internet is shared with everyone within a certain radius. So your Gigablast connection just got a hell of a lot more users than it can handle. Cox should give anyone that has Gigabit connections and are not able to get the advertised speed a credit, period.

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      Not yet.  A while back they ran a second dedicated line from the pole to the modem/router so its not the same 40 year old stuff snaked through the house.