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5 years ago

Gigablast Speed Inconsistency/Upstream Channel

1. Hardwired directly to modem (SB8200), only received up to 400mbs consistently, spoke with Cox, they suggested replacing the modem.

2. Replaced modem (CM8200), Out of 15 test, only once got over 700mbs, spoke with Cox, they sent a technician out (3rd party).

3. Technician arrives, all signal levels are good, his meter reads +700mbs, show him what I was experiencing with 2 different devices hardwired directly into the modem, says "That's weird" and leaves. Noticed upstream channel was a green light only (not doc 3.1), he didn't have any idea.

4. Spoke to Cox again, says the CM8200 is not supported, purchased a brand new CM8200, same result - speeds are still around 400mbs.

Anyone have any ideas?

Does Cox support Doc 3.1 upstream? 

Thank you.

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    I also have a SB8200 and noticed issues with ping spiking. My manual says it supports Docsis 3.1, but I too am wondering if Cox supports the hardware at 3.1 upstream. Uploaded a pic of a test I ran from Southern California to Washington.

    Ping Test 2/19/20

    ^ Click to view

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    Cox does support DOCSIS 3.1 and it’s what they use for Gigabyte speed. The Arris/Motorola CM8200 is also a DOCSIS 3.1. I am having similar issues and I believe it’s the hardline running into my house. The line into the house was recently replaced (year ago) so it leaves the hardline as the primary issue. 

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      I "upgraded" to Gigablast two weeks ago. It took 10+ phone calls before a helpful tech came out and told me that Cox would never tell me over the phone that the problem was their fault (they never entered the S/N or Mac ID to activate my modem), but the issues I was experiencing were entirely on their end. Now that it is set up, I can get online, but I can't hold a steady connection and has made online gaming nearly impossible. After reading a lot of these posts, the ping spikes that we are experiencing are likely on Cox's end as well.