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4 years ago

gigablast slow for months and now almost dead

For several months I have been running speed checks on the gigablast service. Its been slow, hovering around 500 - 600 meg/sec. Not the 900+ when I first signed up. To be honest im lazy so when I kept seeing these slow numbers id keep telling myself, 'ill call in the morning', which of course you are busy so you dont. Fast forward to yesterday, I run the speed test and its (from my house in henderson running to the cox server in vegas) 14 down and 6 up. I run it twice and they are both almost the same. Personally I dont really care about the up speed but ***14 down*** - dude.

 cox keeps saying 'so many people got the rona so we all use the net more now'. I DO NOT CARE. I pay for gigablast and I am receiving really really bad net speed. I tried using the phone in '15 minute reset' option talking to their phone robot. It fixed nothing. If cox cant maintain gigablast cause 'the rona' then stop taking peoples money and claiming you provice 'up to gigablasy' (but secretly 14 meg/sec).

When you call the customer service line they say 'expect more than 30 min waits so call back tomorrow'. Its getting rediculous. I suspect my tmobile phone gets faster net than my cable attached desktop.

My 'super duper offer' just ended so of course at the same time I get slower speed they bumped up my price. Thanks cox! How many other people are in the same boat and what are you guys all switching to? Or did you find a fix?

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  • I'm in the same boat my friend. My biggest issue right now is packet loss and jitter

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    Hey, we have also been experiencing incredibly slow speeds here in our neighborhood.  Today is August 11th, we’ve been experiencing this intermittently for days now. I’ve chatted with three separate techs. We live near Warm Springs and Eastern across from Sunset Park.  There’s been a lot of utility work going on in our area also.  I’ve called Cox, only to be told it’s our modem and then to be offered an upgrade on speeds. Which was fine because it’s the same price we were paying. But no one at Cox wants to admit they have a problem. I’ve spoken with 6 of my neighbors who also have Cox internet, they have also called and received similar responses.  I’m planning on calling Cox today and requesting a manager. I don’t think the issue is anyone’s modem, I believe it’s a street connection issue and possibly Cox is unaware of the situation. 

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      I know its not my hardware and I know its Cox somehow. Ive had Cox for 10 years now. Ive had a lot of problems. At first they always start by blaming you. Then they walk you through several steps that waste time and dont work. These are the same steps you tried before calling cox. Then, they actually take a look at the signal on their end. Sometimes they actually fix it like they should have at the beginning by simply boosting your signal (which only takes a couple keystrokes and seconds). Other times they send a tech out who tells them the same thing and THEN they boost the signal. Only one time did I have a legit problem, the wire that plugged into the outside pole, the outer casing had pulled away from the inside center wires. Tech obviously earned his pay that one time.

      Yes, theres a problem. No its not my pc. Yes it requires cox to adjust it. Im in Henderson, not to far from the Target store on west lake mead.

      Made mistake of trying the 'text us to fix your problem'. Their chat bot ** and basically hung up on me (stopped responding) about 20 min in. Utterly useless but also a waste of typing and time.

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    Find your local representatives and send them emails. Make it an education issue so that they can apply pressure. Enough noise will get them moving.

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      I just did experiment. If I VPN out, my download (now at 9 meg down nomally), goes from 9 down to 125 - 128 down when connected to VPN and the upload goes to 30 meg.

      HOW POSSIBLY can logging into a VPN predictably get me 10x the internet upload and download??!?!

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        Different routes between you and the speed test server when on the VPN versus not on the VPN. You're probably also hitting different speed test servers when on the VPN. There could be a problem with the server you're hitting when not on the VPN. Try a totally different speed test site. If you can get 30 up on any server it means your modem and Cox connection is capable of that speed and the problem is somewhere else.