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4 years ago

gigablast panoramic wifi

Our service we pay for is 1GB down, now this is not realistic over wifi but the speeds that we are getting do not even make sense for the price of the plan. A tech was sent out today to check why these services are so horrible to no end. Once he "fixed" it we were getting around 300mbps when within 10 feet of the router but if you went 25 feet away it will not even do 10mbps with a clear line of sight to the equipment. This is unacceptable and feels like a scam when a phone hotspot outperforms consistently this "premium" service. Is anyone else having the same issues? it seems to be a common problem with cox and their underperforming equipment. any suggestions on what to do next?

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  • @Tk1998, The modem is up and running with a good signal. Are you experiencing this issue with all devices or just one? -Allan
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      Just installed gigablast panoramic two days ago. It’s horrible. Good signal for about 20 feet. Then drops off. Outdoor cameras never had a problem w old system. This one can’t find them. I took camera off wall and walked through a near door and lost signal. 

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        Sorry to hear this, if concerns remain? We would be happy to help and possibly send out a tech if needed. When available can you please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at for assistance anytime. -Dan
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    Yes same problem here in Hampton Va, I am hardwired to my PlayStation and only get 3-400mps and drops below 64mps all the time when I test the internet. They keep replacing the modem like that’s the problem. Techs are getting good readings off their machine but none of my house equipment gets gigablast.

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      Do you get any bad latency when playing anything online?

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    Tested, disappointed and returned immediately. max wifi 450mbps with gigablast even an inch away from the router.

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    Yes I am, I've had the panaramic wifi for a couple months now coming off my own netgear router which I thought the signal wasn't very good so I changed to the Cox router and now the coverage is worse and at least with my netgear I had more control over it via router login on the web, for me I have a couple of extenders I'm going to try with the panoramic even though with the amount we pay, this should not be an issue.