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3 years ago

Firmware Update

I have a Motorola branded SBG6580 Modem/Router that I've been using with my Cox internet for several years without any issues.  It currently has firmware version SBG6580-

According to Cox the newer firmware version is SBG6580- and that this is updated automatically. I tried to have Cox update the firmware but to no avail. What else can be done?

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    Hello @RSdeC,

    I can certainly understand your frustrations. Please know we want you to enjoy your services. I'm here to help. We automatically send the upgrade when it has been checked and we know it is safe and will not post a threat for our network.

    Crystal S.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Perhaps log into your Cox account and send a reset command to your modem.  About all you can do for now.

    Are you having a problem or just want the update?  What's in the, efficiency, functionality?

    I don't mean to reset your modem locally via its recessed button on the back but to send a reset command from the Cox headhead.  A network reset may update your firmware or may not.  Worth a try.

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      i've been saying this for a long time, rest by cox includes updates to their equipment, not sure about other modems.

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        ...and we've been saying for a long time to provide a reference.  It's not we don't believe you but sometime you're...well, never mind.