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29 days ago

File Your Complaint with FCC

Cox refuses to allow us to speak to representatives, stating that “speaking to a rep. Will not speed up the fix to internet outage.” Communication has entirely ceased. Go to FCC and file your complaint. 

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    Call your local elected officials to support internet infrastructure that isn't monopolized 

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    If there is an outage, the "REPS" don't have the inside scoop. The have no idea what the issue is, what caused it, or the time to repair. They have no communication with the onsite technicians, so demanding to speak to a rep does nothing but tie them up from being able to assist someone they can actually help. Filing an FCC complain does nothing as well, but tie up resources at the FCC, more resources at Cox, and the end result, you got nowhere. Use the Cox App and/or setup a text response when they will have the situation restored. 

    Whining that you can't speak to a rep is childish. 

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      That is definitively and factually false. And your ad hominem attacks are nothing more than projection of your own immaturity. The representatives have the ability to contact local support which do have the notes from the techs on the ground. I just had that information provided to me for my issue. The information can be obtained if they want to obtain it. When texts are not doing their jobs, contacting the FCC absolutely forces a higher review of their conduct. They also have the authority to sed out engineers and higher level techs if necessary. So I really don't care what your uneducated opinion is. Go bootlick somewhere else. File an FCC complaint.