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6 months ago

FAQ for Cox email transition to Yahoo

I have received two emails that appear to come from Cox about the transition to Yahoo email.  They both give a link that claims to link to an FAQ for the transition.  After the first email, I chatted with an agent at Cox because I do not click on links in emails.  He indicated the email was not from Cox, but I am not sure he was right.  If there is an FAQ for this transition, all I want is a way to access it from within the Cox website without having to click a link in an email.  Is there such a link on the Cox website?  I tried searching, but could not find one.

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    I tried accessing the link regarding the transition and the link does not work so please help because I have years of emails saved on the Cox web email page (I guess server) and I want to know how to back them up before the transition

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      I initially had a problem with the link also.  I got a message about a forbidden site, but looking at the URL that I ended at, it was terminated by a / and was missing .html.  If you copy the full text of the link and paste it in your browser, you can get to the page.

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      I know you are looking for answers about the email transition, we do not have any at this time. The information on how to back up your email and any other instructions will be included in the notification emails you will receive in your email. These notifications will be coming to you before the transition occurs. I apologize for any confusion. 

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      I tried that link and got a 403 error message. I don't click on links in the e-mail because I can't tell who is legitimately Cox and who is not.  Frequently get messages that my payment didn't go through, etc, when I know for a fact that it did.  Hope Cox can come up with an assured way to communicate with us.

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    I took about 100 of my most important emails and forwarded them to another email. 

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      Can anyone tell me - will I still be able to receive my emails via Outlook? are all old emails being dumped?

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        Hi, you will still be able to receive your email in Outlook but you will need to change the server names once we change to Yahoo.  

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    Question for everyone: One of the really bad things about Cox email is the seeming inability to filter spam.  All my accounts get the same junk over and over again - Lume Deodorant, Renewal by Anderson windows, etc., etc.  Does the Yahoo service do a better job of eliminating spam than does Cox?   I'll note that this stuff always comes from different probably-garbage addresses, and Outlook doesn't seem to have the ability to filter on the display name, so I've been unable to concoct appropriate filters.

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      ArtShapiro wrote:

      Outlook doesn't seem to have the ability to filter on the display name

      Outlook doesn't provide the ability to filter email by display name, but Webmail does.  You would have to verify it works this way, but email blocked by Webmail should be blocked from Outlook linked to your Webmail account.  Try using Webmail Filter Rules to discard unwanted email by display name.  To discard email from Renewal by Anderson, do the following:

      Settings > All setting ... > Inbox > Scroll down to: Rules > Add new rule

      Enter: New rule name

      Add condition > From > Contains >  Renewal by Anderson 

      Add action > Discard


      This only applies to email going to Inbox.  Filter Rules don't apply to email flagged as spam by online security companies.