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4 years ago

Fantastic Service

I had to trying to get my service moved from one location to another for approximately two weeks. I had talk to several reps before I finally reached Amber TD03. The three other reps could not assist me in moving my service from one location to another however Amber got it done in less than 15 minutes. This is important because I work from home due to COVID and I have to have the Internet service to be able to make money. She was extremely competent  and understanding to my frustration for the experience that I had previously. Since I do work from home I have multiple Internet services and has she not been able to come through I would have cancel Cox after close to 20 years of being a customer.

It’s tough to work for a large company because as we’ve seen watching Undercover Boss just about every senior leader ship team is completely disconnected from the realities of day-to-day business. Often reps on the front lines in every department are strapped with rules that don’t work created by people who only understand numbers and not the “why” behind them. Amber is truly irreplaceable for her attentiveness, ingenuity and willingness to find a way to satisfy the customer. It is front line reps like her that can perform out of the box solutions who make disconnected leaders believe that they’re ridiculous rules are yielding results. While those people are wholly and unequivocally replaceable front line reps like her with her talent are not. 

There is no doubt in my mind that I am not the only customer she has helped your company safe. You would do your customers and yourselves a great service by finding a leadership position for her sooner than later as well as making her a part of the decisions regarding customer interaction, particularly in the area of rep empowerment.  I do not blame the other reps I dealt with because they were consistent in their interpretation of the rules and we’re doing what they thought was the right thing according to those rules. After all they have to keep their jobs so they have to follow the rules. I probably would have interpreted the rules the same way and done the exact same thing as they did.

I can’t say enough about Amber understanding that Cox has been my primary connection and caring that my livelihood and being able to feed my family depended on having my connection moved. I got disconnected from Amber my fault not hers and there was another fantastic woman that I dealt with right after that I did not get her name or TD number but I wanted to say thank you to her as well for making sure that the order was in the system after I got disconnected from Amber as well as giving me the information I asked for so that I could properly recognize Amber’s efforts. Thank you both for being awesome.

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  • Thanks for the kind words. We will forward your feedback to the representatives and their supervisors.

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    I have had just wonderful service from Cox for over 23 years. Here in Oklahoma at least the service people are really good and will stay with it till they get it fixed.