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4 years ago

Ethernet and Wireless Dropping Consistently

Modem Cisco dpc3010

Router Gryhon ac3000

Plan Preferred 150

I have two computers connected via ethernet and multiple devices connected to wireless (watch, phone, tv)

Randomly our internet disconnects and reconnects through the day. It gets worse at night. It affects both ethernet connection and wireless connection.

Last night the modem just rebooted all on it's own in the middle of us having a game night. (After disconnecting multiple times throughout the night)

When I test our internet via gryhon, we are getting more than 150 which is great but I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the internet dropping all the time.

It's frustrating because we've put a lot of money into a router after speeds were ** and internet was dropping which solved the speed but not the dropping. 

I've tried rebooting my router and modem. Tried disconnecting everything from the wall (power and cable) then reconnecting after 30 min. All firmware is up to date on both modem and router. Tried disconnecting everything connected to the internet except for one computer via ethernet, still drops. I'm just not sure what's going on and I dont have the patience for support to tell me to reset my modem/router then blame it on the 3rd router or 2nd modem I've purchased.

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  • (For a little extra detail we were having this issue earlier this year despite our modem and router working perfectly find before. We were told our modem was no longer supported by cox. So we purchased a new modem. Had issues with disconnecting. Purchased a new router because they said they couldn't see our router connecting to the modem. We had speed issues and disconnects happen at our new location despite it working just fine at the old location. Tech came out and said connections look great. It's our router that's the issue. Spent a pretty penny on this new router. Speeds are better but still random disconnects)

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      Hello, it may be due to some area issues if you have already ruled out what appears to be everything in the home. We would be happy to look into this with you. When available can you please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at for assistance anytime. -Dan
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    have you considered that you're asking a lot from your 150 plan, when it's providing wifi for phone, watch, other devices that are constantly updating, tv + 2 computers, that your system might be overloaded?

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    I have had problems with Cox for about the past 2-3 years.  We have replaced all equipment, and techs have been out 3 times in the past 2 weeks.  Still randomly drops, about 10 times a week. Sometimes several times in the same day.  Some days doesn't drop (that we know of at all).  I don't even bother calling in anymore.