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7 years ago

Enhanced Webmail

I think the new enhanced webmail is terrible. It takes foever to load, sometimes it won't even go to the page. The other thing is once you go to the webmail there is no button to take you back to the original cox home page. This webmail needs a lot of work to be done. How do I go back to using the classic it was so much more user friendly.

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  • Hello,

    You can click on the Cox logo on the left side of the banner to bring up a new page with your online account. You can also sign out with the icon on the far right or use the settings option to logout. I hope that helps.

    Also, are you getting any error messages when trying to access webmail?


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • I've had the same issue with webmail. They removed classic entirely and forced this new "app suite" on us.

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    I have read several posts about the new email format being very slow to load, and there are several apologies for the inconvenience, but I haven't been able to find anything about what is being done about it.  When I log into email, it takes an eternity to load the page..  Is anything being done to correct this very poor performance?  One other thing, when it finally does open, there is a check in some random box next to an email that results in an email being inadvertently deleted along with the the intended deletion.  Was this new format tested?  Did anyone ask the paying customers what they thought about the new format in any beta release?

  • Hello EricEric,

    I am sorry to hear of your email issues and I'd like to help. Are you experiencing this issue with multiple logins or just one? What browser are you using? Do you experience the slow loading and deleting on multiple devices?
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    We are having an issue with our e-mails in our incoming box...yesterday all the e-mails from March 19 through April 7 were deleted, yet all the ones prior to March 19 are still in our inbox.  How can we retrieve the missing e-mails?

  • Hi Dictionary,

    Do you access your email from Webmail on or through email software like Outlook, Mac Mail, or Windows Live?