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4 years ago

email links

Links to Cox and within email often don't work and give a 404 message. When email is working, it is slower than ever (I can open another window and read my email at google or aol while I'm waiting).

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    Hi Bst,

    Can you please try to delete browsing history, close the browser, open it, and type in

    Thank you.

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      When you log into cox website it takes me to or attempts to take me to a very long long url and that is as much as I have been able to capture so far. Almost seems as if the COX server has been compromised and is under some sort of brute force type of attack. Its been going on for weeks. Phones, wifi laptops, ethernet pc it doesn't matter. I had to time getting a screen shot for almost 15 sec of my Chrome browser bouncing off this url until it finally landed on my webmail. Boy I feel safe using my email! LOL your tech support over the phone; what I used to call level 1 tech just tries to sell me your 10$ a month service at a min for 3 months to see if they can fix it. 

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        Are you able to log into your Cox account and on the first page in the Internet section, can you click on the link that says View Data Usage?

        Ben S.
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