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6 years ago

Email access gone from all touch points

- Outlook gets errors that the server closed the connection or it was reset. - Web access says the site can’t be reached, as I try from within my cox login @ ( - iPad email gets a similar treatment, and the same from my iphone. - All of the ports, everywhere, are 993 & 587 as instructed. I also attempted setting SMTP Port to 465 and that didn’t work either. I do get a minor notification at the bottom of the iOS email telling me how many emails are stacking up (unread). Since I have no access I certainly don’t want to get any scolding admin messages about email storage. @Cox: resolve the problem at the server end and I’ll take care of the rest. This also raises another question: what would it take to implement an issue status customers can access? Too expensive? Too many customers ? Too many issues? I’d like an estimate when this issue will be resolved or at least see progress on resolving it. (Down for two days so far) Thanks.

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    Experiencing similar frustration.

    Email stopped working Saturday night.Went to Cox webmail and saw a note saying that if login wasn't working, password needed changed. Attempted to change it and was met with error message. Opened first chat session. Cox tech changed password but I was still unable to access my account. Was then told to try to access email via rather than Was then able to access my email on Cox's webmail server. HOWEVER, repeated attempts to download email on 3rd party email apps after changing password were not successful. Met with error messages telling me the pop server had rejected my login. This occurred on Outlook (2010), Thunderbird, Windows Mail, and the mail app in IOS 11. Checked and double checked server names and ports (995 in, 465 out with SSL.) Opened second and third chat sessions. Discovered via test messages in Outlook that outbound was working, and the problem is only with inbound. The techs, while polite, REALLY don't know what's going on. After changing my password yet again, one of them told me to update my Outlook. Really? Should I also "update" all my other 3rd party email clients (listed above)? Yet, I can access my email on Cox's webmail site without problems. They hosed something up with this "enhancement" and, I suspect, don't have a clue how to fix it. Gee, if you don't know how to fix it, how about rolling it back, Cox? Then maybe you can figure out how to implement your "enhancements"  without disrupting the lives of the very Customers you purport to serve. How about that? 

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    Hi, Liamb and JandJ2018. There was an email outage cleared on 2/28 and another cleared earlier this morning. If still affected after clearing settings and re-entering them (Including IMAP vs.POP) for the program(s) affected (necessary as a result of the effects from the outage), please send an email with the full error code(s) to This will allow us to check the status of your email address(es) as a new starting point.

    Erica W