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7 years ago

Duplicate emails received from emails

I have been receiving so many duplicate emails in the last several months. Although I have been following advices from this forum but it did not do me any good at all. I recently chatted with Cox rep and was told a ticket has been issued for this. So far, I have not received any responses from Cox provider showing me how to fix this.

Receiving so many duplicate emails is not only annoying but also flooding my "Inbox". It also very time consuming to move them to "Trash" box and then permanently delete them.

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  • What a nightmare. Last June I was on imap and received an email from Cox saying my email quota is at 99% and found that 4 years of my emails had been duplicated and were sitting on the server.  Only thing I could do is change to POP3 which dumped all my emails including the duplicates into Outlook, deleting duplicates form the server did not help. This is a known issue and Cox is taking absolutely no responsibility for it. Their email server has degraded so badly and since Feb 2017 they have been working to move everybody to a new server which is creating other problems.  Because of my job I can't just suddenly change my email address to gmail or whatever. Now, for the past 4 weeks I have been experiencing a lot of emails being bounced back to the senders and Cox tier 2 is basically...uh..duh, dunno anything, call Microsoft. I've been with Cox for 20 years and have always had great support and service from them but this, this is really terrible especially when tech support either really doesn't know what's going on or they lie about it. If you call in about the duplicates expect to know more than they do.

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    Can you please check your filter and forwarding settings? When you check under filter, if there is nothing there then disable it. Once you have checked the settings and made changes, please let us know the outcome.


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    I have had this problem occur several times over the past few years (including TODAY).  I have had it using windows 7 and 10 and on Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail.

    Today (12/2/17)  I found 2600 old email messages in my inbox.  They appear to be all the messages I have received since 10/3/17. They all appears as unread and become duplicate messages when I have retained the originals in my inbox.

    They don't appear to be coming from a local source like my deleted file since messages that I have not moved to the deleted folder are also included in the 2600.  Also, my deleted folder goes back farther than 10/3/17.

    I attempted to find the "filter and forwarding settings" that Devante refers to.  I'm using Windows Live Mail and can't find them.  I did find Delivery options under Cox Properties Advanced.  It is set to "Leave a copy of messages on Server" and to "Remove from Server when deleted from "Deleted Items"".   I am going to enable "Remove from Server after (10) days" in hopes of minimizing this problem in the future.

    Good luck figuring it out.

  • @rbirac,

    Are you experiencing this issue with all devices or just one? Also, is this happening when using webmail?


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator. 

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    I would like to join in on the duplicate email issue - I have tried all of the suggested remedies from various Cox Forum Techs and Moderators with no success - I also notice that none of the Cox Moderators receive replies. 

    We have experienced the duplicate emails for several months on all devices - desktop, laptop, tablets, phones.  Also receiving duplicates on our Cox Web Mail account.  I have checked and deleted filters, history, files, checked settings, etc, etc, etc. - we use Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird - which I have uninstalled and re-installed repeatedly.  We also have Outlook, Gmail, and Hotmail and I have unlinked all of them, and have followed the suggested procedures on all of them - with no results.  We get duplicate emails on all of them   

    Currently there are several duplicate emails in the Inbox of our Cox Web Mail account.  I will leave them there in case you decide to examine the Cox platform. Also, our only "defense" against a maxed out Inbox is to delete the duplicates daily.  I hope Cox is working on this issue -

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    Thank you Tiffany!  I did as you recommended and received only ONE test email in my Inbox!  Crossing my fingers this fix holds!!!