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2 months ago

Dropping internet on Contour Box

For the past couple months while watching anything through the Contour box my internet would loose connection. I get the Oops something went wrong screen. Then after a couple minutes it pops back up on the main contour app page then I have to find the app and go back in from scratch. Here lately I can not watch a movie on Netflix without my box losing connection and restarting 10-15 times. It is very frustrating. Even when watching Xumo Play shows through the guide it still does the same. About every 7-10 minutes it kicks me. During the middle of the night it will play for hours without booting me. Every time is does boot me the connection still shows to be great. Is it my Contour box? Any help is appreciated. I am so aggravated with it now I want to change services. Thank y’all in advance