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6 months ago

Don't want Yahoo!!!

If you are like me, you are very angry about being shoved over to Yahoo. We pay Cox for the security of unique e-mail address. There is no justified reason for this move. If I had wanted a Yahoo account I would have signed up with Yahoo! Tell Cox you don't want this forced move. 

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  • Hello Danielhammer,

    To ensure the best email experience possible for our customers, we have decided to transition the email service and support of your email to Yahoo Mail. This transition lets you keep your unique email address, messages, folders, calendar, and contacts. Yahoo Mail will continue to offer the advanced support and enhanced protection for your email. I understand that change can be hard. We will work with Yahoo to provide a seamless transition for our email customers.

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      I do not trust Yahoo, I do not want anything to do with Yahoo! I pay Cox for a service and now Cox is selling our to Yahoo!! There is no justification for this forced move!!!

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      What status will we have with Yahoo?  Will it only be at their "Free" status or will we be able

      to forward our cox address mail or to other servers like Gmail.   For example in addition

      to mail going to the COX server I also have it forward to GMAIL simply by configuring it this way on the COX Webmail site.

        I would like to continue that.  Yahoo indicates you need to have their next level pay for plan

      to have this basic feature included with the COX email plan.    Could you look into this as well as any other features we might lose with the conversion.

      Thank you,


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    I agree... I was stunned by the notification. Yahoo and Gmail are nice, free, scamridden, easily hacked email providers. If you are running a business or doing anything serious nothing spells unprofessional more than  an @ email.  I think I have two options. get a website and run your emails from there or use somebody like proton for your emails It means losing the but that is going to happen anyway   sigh