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2 years ago

Does COX ROBO scan service with high usage and remove DNS / internet service?

Seems Like COX is Robo scan all stream usage and disconnect you from internet, we may be able to prove this, also why does internet disconnect and connect without having them to come as there is nothing wrong with connection.

Also i would think they are scanning all not essential and entertainment urls and if that is the case they are disconnecting so it might be some sort of pack order for usage.

please comment on my theory if any one else seems to think in same line, .

I think to make good case,  CPUC may need hard evidence to see what COX Communications doing. may be there is more to it. 

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    What is "Robo scan"? You are saying Cox is throttling/disconnecting you based on sites you go to? What evidence do you have? 

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    BTW, if you have a Panoramic gateway, it could be their Advanced Security that is causing a problem. See here on how to disconnect it.

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    No, Cox doesn't interrupt or throttle high usage customers. If you go over the 1.28 tb, then you may get billed unless you have Add 500 or unlimited data usage added to your account, but last month I updated a PS5 and re-downloaded all my games and I can tell you I pulled a LOT of data for 2 days, and it ran like a charm the whole time.