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3 years ago

Do I have a Story to Tell you Cox!

Dear Cox,

I walked into the woods on that starry, late November night with a laptop nestled in my backpack, a flashlight, and my trustworthy dog Luna. I was able to connect my laptop to Cox Wifi  using my username and password and make my phone ring. Things suddenly looked hopeless. All I could hear were the fallen leaves being crushed beneath my feet as I searched for the phone. I'd given up all hope after the third attempt. I returned to my glowing laptop screen in utter defeat. There was still a single glimmer of hope after realizing Google's Find My Phone had stopped my phone from ringing after 16 seconds instead of five minutes on the last attempt. I tried one last time. This time my dog heard the cellphone ringing and ran in that direction. I followed her up a small hill and there under some leaves...was my phone. Thank for your public Cox Wifi.