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3 months ago


Can’t believe I called cox twice today and was told to unplug and reboot and eventually told that appt needs to be scheduled and we will not have internet or tv until a cox rep comes to our house .  I explained to a man with an India accent that nothing has changed and my home is only 4 years old…didn’t want to hear it …so he scheduled an appt .  Was speaking to my neighbors shortly after and they are having the same issue.  Check the outage area and YES many of us are listed on the outage map.  And it states do not turn off or reboot your equipment ….Also explained that I work from home and this is costing me money .   I definitely want money back !!! Terrible misconnection within the corporation 

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  • Hi Czincone, I understand how this experience would be disappointing, and I apologize that we let you down. Like you, I work from home, so I understand the stress internet connectivity issues can cause. We're always happy to adjust accounts for time without service when we're aware of the issue and working to resolve it. Email us at so we can further assist you. 

    When you report a service issue and there are no outages posted in your area, our procedure is to troubleshoot and schedule a service call. It takes several customers in the same immediate area reporting issues and scheduling service calls before an outage is created. Once our network operations center declares an outage, the outage alert appears on and the Cox App. These alerts let you know that we're aware of the problem and working to resolve it.