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5 years ago

Did anyone else have a 50% increase in their monthly bill?

My cox bill increased from $160 a month to $240 beginning January 2020 with no change in services or benefits.  My business account increased from $300 to $306 with no changes in services or benefits.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?  I'm going to report them to the Attorney General's office for Price Gouging, but wanted to see who else might have had this sort of issue with Cox before.

Any information is helpful.

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    call cox loyalty they will 100% lower you bill in some way

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    Yes my bill increased more than 50%.  I have called several times.  It seems the reps cannot articulate or not trained to research a satisfactory answer.

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    This forum exists primary to allow for customers to see peer assistance with technical related service concerns. Billing or other account related issues would best be addressed privately. Feel free to email us at for any assistance with your account.