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6 months ago

data caps?

why does cox still have data caps?   it such an old fashion business model? when i lived in california i had no data caps with spectrum or frontier. move to kansas and i am paying more for internet with a data cap. for the price we are paying there should be no data caps anymore. that went away with cell phone plans with a limited amount of minutes. i tried to ask a live agent but he couldn't give me a straight answer. he told me well for more money we can give you more data. Well I am glad Ideatek is coming to my town soon and I will have an alternate choice and cox will no longer have the monopoly in our town. 

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     I get where you're coming from. As Internet needs and usage increase, Cox continues to invest in our network to keep up with demand. We want to keep service affordable for the wide group of customers whose current plans meet their needs. 
    We offer plans and tools to help everyone manage their data usage effectively, including a Data Usage Meter to help customers monitor their daily, monthly, and historical data usage. The meter is updated daily with usage from the prior day. It is available in My Account and the Cox mobile app. Cox attempts to notify customers via Cox browser alert, email, or text message when they reach certain thresholds in their data plan. 
    For those customers who want more data than the 1.25 TB included in most internet packages, we offer additional plans.
    I recommend for more info on data usage. If you need additional assistance specific to your account please email with your full name and complete street address with the details of your concerns. Please also include a link to your thread. 


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    No data caps here where I live in RI because of FIOS. Basically if there is a fiber competitor, they don't enforce the cap so maybe soon they will get rid of it in your area?

    As for Ideatek, seems they use CGNAT so port forwarding for games or cameras won't be possible. Pick your poison.

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    1.25tb is a LOT of data. your average high def movie is less that 6gb, so you could watch over 200 of them in a month, and still not use 1.25tb. 

    BTW you should research Ideatek before signing up. 

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    1.25tb is not really that much data nowadays.  To download a Playstation 5 game you're looking at neatly 200gb.  That eats that 1.25tb up real quick.  We don't do anything crazy with data and we're constantly hitting the cap.  We hate that Cox is our only option at our new address.

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      Hi bh82, since you mentioned that you're constantly hitting your monthly data plan, it might be worthwhile to consider one of our additional data plans. You can learn more at This may not be the best option for folks who only occasionally exceed their data plan, and it may not be something that folks with kids away at college would need year-round. They may only need an additional data plan when their kids are home for the summer, for example. We offer multiple options to meet the varied needs of our customers. Also, we sometimes have promotions that include additional or unlimited data, so feel free to reach out to us at