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3 years ago

Data Caps

Is there ANY plan to just get rid of data caps altogether? Almost every ISP has migrated away from and abolished data caps at every speed plan in the US. Spectrum in Texas offered 500mbps with no data caps for 60$/mo. The fact that Cox dosent even extend the data cap to say: 2tb for 500mb or 4tb for gigabit is absolutely ludacris. 1.25tb amounts to nothing in 2022 and its either purposefully done to rake more money out of customers or the higher ups are so out of touch they think meat is grown in the deli isle. It wouldn't be so bad if there were actual competitors in the panhandle but that's not the case due to all the lobbying and gerrymandering for control of areas. Cox, please do something an extra 50$/mo for unlimited download is rediculous. If cell providers can offer unlimited data, you have no excuse.