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6 months ago

Customer Service (or lack there of)

I'm considering my options regarding cable TV service and was trying to get a simple question answered: how much would Internet Only cost me?  On the Cox website, everytime I select "Internet Only" I get packages recommended similar to what I have already.  I tried the chat feature and was ghosted after I asked the same question (they were going to connect me to the "right" dept, just never did).  Can someone (perhaps from Cox///) point to me as to where I can get clear service pricing??

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  • Hi, Tom. I'm really sorry for the confusion and I want to help. Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We can have an account specialist contact you to assist. Thank you for your patience. 


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      Thanks Chris,

      I was looking for this email address on your website before I posted here, but could not find it.  Can you point out to me where this contact info is on  Thank you

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      I apologize, Tom. As far as I am aware, is not listed on our website; however, the belong exclusively to Cox. Conversely, you can reach out to us via telephone at 800 234 3993. I hope this helps. 

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        That begs the question, why isn't that email on Cox's site anywhere? Afraid of the influx of emails?

  • I'm trying the same thing since they raised my internet only price by 109% .  Shop around.  Depending on who else is in your area, you might find a good deal elsewhere.