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5 years ago

Cox's plan for the future and your lack of service

4 in home technicians and 3 plant managers this month and I just received this:

"Based on the finding from the ticket, it appears that the issue in your area is due to high utilization on your node. When the technician was out to investigate this, they found that the signal readings were within the normal range. "

So is it congestion? Or are the readings normal? Also, I let them know this was likely the issue when the first tech came to my house months ago (pre-COVID). You can imagine how bad it's been now.

Next email and Cox's plan to not fix anything at all or update its customers when they'll actually get what they're paying for:

"I apologize for the delay. We do not have a timeframe that we can provide. To position ourselves well into the future, we have been working on a multi-year transformation of its infrastructure across the country. We are working to provide a more improved experience. During this time you may notice intermittent to no service. (That was my favorite part) We are working to have as little impact on you as possible."

As far as I know, it will be 3 years of 'intermittent to no service'... Which will be about 2 years and 10 months into my new plan with AT&T (unfortunate - but slightly lower speeds with consistent service will be nice). I suggest they start using some common courtesy and updating their customers when this infrastructure will be fixed in their area so that when they have jobs that depend on this stuff, they can prepare accordingly.

Goodbye Cox.

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