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5 years ago

Cox's 300mbps DL and 30 upload speed

this is getting pretty annoying I got technicians to come over to my place they say that the node that is providing internet to people around everywhere here is over populated but its been 2-3 months already and nothing is being done im tired of being a customer with this company that seems not to care abut their customers I can't play any video game without having lag spikes packet loss pings higher than 500 like check this out look what my speed is here with coxs high speed internet. $116 only for internet and i get that im pretty tired of this. this is outrageous. someone has to do something

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      indeed and ofc they wont do nothng because it costs them money to fix such things but when it comes to us asking for a technician to come check why we have such problems they hit us with the $75 charge boy what a scam. if the node that is providing internet for everyone is over populated why we have to pay so much

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        cox's node cannot support more than 1 person. but instead the put 3-4 people on it.

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    I'm having the same exact issue. I have Gigablist with unlimited data. $180 a month and I'm getting constant lag spikes during non-peak hours (11PM-4AM). This is completely unacceptable. At this point I'm ordering Frontier Internet and canceling unlimited data and downgrading my Internet speeds because it'll be cheaper. Frontier is offering 25Mbps up and download in my area with no data cap.. I need the upload speeds for my camera system which uses a huge amount of my data cap so I'll also be able to remove that. Multiple BBB complaints with no fix in sight and it's been about 4 months. 

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      @wigllysz, are you on WiFi or are you on a hard-wired connection when experiencing these issues? Are multiple devices in the home experiencing service issues? We encourage you to email us at, for further assistance. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you on resolving these issues, and it would be disappointing to see you leave the Cox family. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    PingPlotter to your back-end  can tell you whether it's internal or external. It's most likely an IP address that starts with 10; ie. (it was right after my router IP). I had to do this several times with several different outsourced techs to get it fixed. Anytime I noticed lag, some paranoia would kick in and I would let PingPlotter run for a while with full activity and with no traffic. I never had the issue again after one of them finally got the noise in my line fixed.

    Traceroute to Google or something to get your back-end IP, then use that on PingPlotter to test your ping. If you have drop-outs in traffic like streaming or gaming along with your red graph in the program, then it's something between you and the tap or node. I hope this helps.