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5 years ago

Cox support why so cold and act friendly only to treat us like garbage?

Hi cox well I am talking to corporate and a few others called Arizona republic who did a news report on how in 2019 you had a security breach with your email that affected tens of thousands of customers. And 2 other reports including the FCC fines you for security issues with your site. So you got hackers hacking ur own company yet when I mention I was hacked every tech I talked to made fun of me lol. Turns out you don’t help us cause you can’t even keep hackers away from your site. You guys are very cold hearted as at first u seem like u want to help then u do little to nothing. Your own tech argues with me when I asked him to change my IP Address he said you can’t lmao that’s a basic CMD prompt called ipconfig. Shows that it techs are a waste of your money. Why do you work in customer service if you hate dealing with customers? Like go do something that makes u happy. Well I’m sure cox isn’t reading this but I don’t care I want customers to avoid talking or working with there support. There just a bunch of cyber bully’s that are to afraid to confront someone and say what they mean. They don’t dae do it face to face cause there cowards and greed mongers. Well if your a customer and ur data useage shoots up get it pc checked that’s a sign Cox only help was reset my modem even tho it says on there site that they configure and secure your network. They won’t do it they will say something like what exactly what would you like me to do? Well ur the tech don’t ask me just secure it.well if there always rude maybe there missable  then that’s a good thing so cox if u hate ur job keep doing it.