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5 years ago

Cox Rep lied to me

When I was setting up my account 6 months ago, I was told I would need to enter a 1 year service agreement to get the internet speeds I wanted. Im a seasonal firefighter and I'd only need services for 6 months. I told this to the representative and I was assured that there was not going to be a cancellation fee because Cox doesn't provide services in the area I work. This sounded strange to me and I repeatedly asked for her guarantee that was true. She acted annoyed that I didn't believe her and she told me it was Cox policy. Here I am 6 months later, I cancelled my services and am being charged 65 dollars for cancelling early. When I brought up my interaction with the earlier representative, I was told that I was lying and that no one would say that. Pretty infuriating interaction. Not sure what recourse I have if any. 

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    i understand you.  I am also a customer that moved and signed up with Cox.  The rep told me about a bundle service that sounded fine at the time.   NEVER mentioned it was a 2yr agreement.  With the situation in the world now my husband is furloughed and I don't need the cable or landline.  I called and they told me about the 2 yr agreement.  We would never sign on for a 2 yr agreement.  after a lot of talking they said they'd go back to the audio and see if the rep neglected to mention the agreement.  that was last month.  called today again, and no action had been taken.....and today they tell me I have to pay an additional $135 to cancel any part of my service!!   I feel like i'm being extorted to pay to cancel something I never agreed to.  I hate Cox.....they are bad business.   companies should value their customers, not lie and give misinformation to land the deal.  Shame on you COX for such bad business practices.  

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      Do you see anything like the following on your billing statements?

      If you don't see this disclaimer, you may have a case to make.  However, if it's on your statements, you're wasting your time trying to dispute it.  

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      i've been with cox a long time & this was my last contract:

      "with a 24 mo promotional discount with a 1 yr step up."

      when the price goes up, i contact rewards for equivalent promo.

      larslong22, your work schedule has no relevance to your cox contract.

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