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COX Packetloss Only At Night.

Hi, my name is Michael Bienvenu. I have been a COX Customer for over 2 and a half years, and my time with COX has been a terrible experience, Constant Packetloss for the first 2 years, and as of this last year I have been having a multitude of issues, my speeds were not what I was paying for, packetloss (as usual with any cox customer) i have been emailing the support team for over 2 months, and still nothing, a tech that came to my house recently, said that what I am experiencing is a RF leakage. Cause for the past year or so I have been getting pretty decent connection during the day, no packetloss at all, but when it hits around 7:30pm ish, my loss is back, causes issues with gaming, and VOIP. I don't even think I will ever get a fix but gotta hope I will. Then everytime they send a tech out, it's always the same thing, "I don't see any loss" "my tests came back clear" and they leave. a couple techs in the past have seen issues, then for the past week my modem has been resetting once a day, I emailed them and a rep told me that they are doing "nightly maintenance" and they send the modem resets in the area, I dont know if that is true or not, and to rub salt into the wound, I was in contact with a field tech, we were emailing back and forth and one day he just stopped emailing me all together, and he hasn't messaged me back since, so back to square one. I really feel like cox doesn't care about the user experience, and just want the money. that is how I am taking it. then with the covid around, i am literally home all day, and at night is when all my friends get on and we game, I havent been able to do that since the lockdowns. 

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  • Hi Zurq,

    I can see how this experience has caused you to feel this way. Please know we want you to enjoy your services. Our Field Team is currently investigating your issue and once they have updated us we will follow up with you. We appreciate your continued patience and hope for a speedy resolution.


    Cox Support Forums Moderator