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7 years ago

cox mail inbox empty!

I am receiving normal email at 3 addresses on my pc or phone.  When I sign in to cox email there is nothing in my inbox!?  I also just had the following occur:  I opened my email on the pc (Thunderbird) and the inbox appeared with the messages that were still there---then automatically the whole inbox cleared--all dissapeared!   The messages are in the "deleted" folder. As a side note--I just had two accounts hacked (Steam and Ubisoft) and possibly they messed with my email account??  Cox chat rep said I just need to change my server settings and my cox mail would reappear!  Those setting were already changed when we did your recent security update thing.  So --how do I get to see email in cox web inbox?  Thanx,  Bob

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    Hi, for your accounts that were hacked, in changing your password, you would need to change it to password not previously used and be sure that you also update the new password in your server settings.  You'll also want to check your settings to ensure they weren't changed when your account was compromised.