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6 months ago

Cox internet bill keeps increasing!

After about a year, my bill went up $20 without any notifications. I called customer service and said that my promo discount has ended. The representative I spoke to applied a new discount and said that my new bill will be going up only $5 instead. I received the new bill and still shows the $20 increase. I called customer service again told me that I'm already receiving the best discount and lowest fee on my current service. I've been deceived by the previous representative and told me the wrong information so I can agree on a 2yr contract. Now I have a penalty if I cancel my service due to this. Has anybody experienced this as well? I am so upset because I've been lied to by their customer service over the phone. This is not right!  

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    I had a similar experience recently that was corrected by contacting Cox again and providing the date and time of my original call.  The second Cox representative reviewed documentation created during the first call and corrected my bill to what had been agreed upon at that time.   You should contact Cox again and provide them as much information as you have about your first call when you were told your bill will go up $5.  If that proves unsuccessful, ask Cox to review the recording of your original call.  You should have received an email confirmation of your new order.  Email that order confirmation to,com as evidence of the agreement you made.  

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    CurtB is exactly right in advising you to email with your order confirmation. Please also include your full name, complete street address and a reference to your forum post here. As your inquiry falls outside of the scope of the purpose of our forums (The purpose of the Cox forums is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox services with other customers.)  and isn't a topic other forum users could really help with I am going to lock your thread.