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COX Internet and support is so BAD

I pay 160 dollars a month for the fastest speeds and I'm literally getting 65-80mbs when I was sold GB speeds. I get it, may be up to those speeds but seriously averaging less then 100???

Now let's get into the "service interruptions" couple times a month with NO warning. I work from home as a senior security analyst and I will go for hours without internet service. When I call to complain they tell me my bill is already compensated for the outage time. Are you FXXXXXXG kidding me, first I don't care about the money back I lose hours of my day because COX can't plan or send notifications out to their customers? Or do maintenance at during OFF peak hours like everyone else. I'm so sick of them and my entire street has COX gigablast which we are all transferring to service canceling COX AT THE SAME TIME lol just so they have a spike in loss noticeable. 10 residents at 160 dollars a month lost at once, we are so sick of their customer support. 

Here's the chat transcript. All of my neighbors are out as well as me. TV works. Internet is down.

General Info Chat Start Time: 06/22/2020 01:23:49 PM Chat End Time: 06/22/2020 02:11:54 PM Chat URL: Referer URL: Name: Jeff Email: Phone: Initial Question:

Chat Transcript 01:23:53 PM [Jeff]

BOT: Hi! I'm Oliver, the Cox Virtual Assistant. Please type a question below. You can type "Live Agent" any time to reach one of my human colleagues. Below are a few examples of things you can ask.

0. How is Cox supporting customers during Coronavirus?

  1. How do I complete my self activation?

  2. I want to order services via the app.

VISITOR: My internet is down

BOT: Based on what I understand, here are some options. You can also try entering a new phrase.

VISITOR: How do I report an outage?

BOT: I'm connecting you to a live agent.

01:24:38 PM [Jeff] My internet id down. TV still working. 01:34:26 PM [Shenea L.] Hi! My name is Shenea L. and I'm happy to help you.

01:34:33 PM [Jeff] Hi 01:35:01 PM [Shenea L.] How can I be of assistance to you today?

01:35:26 PM [Jeff] My internet is down. TV is working. Flashing hreen light on the canle modem 01:36:03 PM [Shenea L.] Just to confirm, you stated that you are unable to connect?

01:36:03 PM [Jeff] I unplugged the modem for 5 minutes and plugged it back in 01:36:23 PM [Jeff] Yes. The light on the modem is blinking green 01:36:30 PM [Jeff] Happened about Noon 01:37:03 PM [Shenea L.] Okay, I understand and I'm truly sorry about that.

01:37:15 PM [Jeff] An area outage? 01:37:23 PM [Shenea L.] I will check into this for you.

01:37:37 PM [Jeff] Thanks 01:37:52 PM [Shenea L.] What color light are you seeing on the modem?

01:38:08 PM [Jeff] Green flashing 01:39:07 PM [Shenea L.] Okay, I see.

01:39:13 PM [Shenea L.] One moment while I review your account.

01:39:16 PM [Jeff] K 01:39:44 PM [Shenea L.] Thank you for your time.

01:41:13 PM [Shenea L.] Can ANY of your personal devices (laptop, desktop, mobile phone, Smart TV, etc) get to the Internet?

01:41:28 PM [Jeff] Nope. Only on cellular 01:42:35 PM [Shenea L.] How are your devices connected Wired/Wireless?

01:42:49 PM [Jeff] Laptop directly into modem 01:43:56 PM [Shenea L.] Thank you for that.

01:43:58 PM [Jeff] The Cox website indicates a flashing Greem light means the modem is trying to register 01:44:19 PM [Jeff] The light is usually steady white. 01:44:55 PM [Shenea L.] Okay, I see.

01:46:19 PM [Shenea L.] I'm still making some checks into this for you.

01:46:32 PM [Jeff] None of my nieghbors have internet eothrt 01:46:35 PM [Jeff] Either 01:46:42 PM [Shenea L.] I understand.

01:48:03 PM [Shenea L.] If you don't mind me asking, whats the weather like where you are?

01:48:22 PM [Jeff] It’s Florida. Sunny and hot 01:49:40 PM [Shenea L.] I understand.

01:50:10 PM [Shenea L.] I've been cooking steaks on my forehead and arms.

01:50:43 PM [Jeff] There seems to be a neighboorhood outage. Just wanted to make sure Cox knows about it 01:51:15 PM [Shenea L.] Thank you for that information and I'm checking to see if you are been impacted by an outage.

01:52:39 PM [Shenea L.] While I'm checking into this for you. Thanks for been a loyal Cox customer and you qualify for additional discounts at this time.

01:52:53 PM [Shenea L.] Cox Complete Care is perfect for those working from home. Because you can’t go into the office and with limitations on allowing technicians into customers’ homes, CCC gives you IT protection that you may need. Having CCC enables technicians to remote into your computer and help you out in your time of need. It’s like having an IT department in your home.This is for $10 monthly.

01:54:14 PM [Jeff] Thanks, but you can turn off the upselling. I have everything I need except internet. 01:54:57 PM [Jeff] Nice try though 👍 01:55:18 PM [Shenea L.] The next step may include a device reset.If you have a phone connected to your modem, your telephone service will be briefly interrupted, and the call could be disconnected.

01:55:24 PM [Shenea L.] Do you have an external Router or Switch connected?

01:55:45 PM [Jeff] Still have the laptop connected directly into the modem. 01:56:42 PM [Jeff] I appreciate you wanting to run through the troubleshooting scripts, but if my neighbors are out as well, reseting the modem wont help. 01:57:18 PM [Shenea L.] I do understand however this apart of the process, I do need to go through these steps with you.

01:57:23 PM [Jeff] K 01:57:25 PM [Shenea L.] Please check these for me:

01:57:31 PM [Shenea L.] Verify the Coax Cable is Connected into the Cable Port on the Box. Verify Coax Cable is connected to the wall outlet. Click Refresh in the Equipment Panel to see if the signal improved. Ensure all connections between the wall and the equipment are not loose or damaged.

01:57:59 PM [Jeff] Cable is connected correctly 01:58:22 PM [Jeff] Where would I click refresh? 01:58:32 PM [Jeff] Nothing is loose or damaged. 01:58:42 PM [Shenea L.] No worries, you will not need to do that on your end.

01:58:53 PM [Jeff] K 01:59:06 PM [Jeff] Modem is plugged in and powered up 01:59:26 PM [Shenea L.] All looks good on our end and you are not been impacted by an outage. Please try to go online now for me.

01:59:43 PM [Jeff] No go. 02:00:13 PM [Jeff] And the light is still flashing green indicating a problem registering upstream 02:01:06 PM [Jeff] Same problem both my neighbors have 02:01:39 PM [Shenea L.] I'm truly sorry however the system has recommended that a technicians visits at this time.

02:01:49 PM [Jeff] Okay 02:02:57 PM [Shenea L.] There is a potential charge of $50 for this visit, if the issue is Cox error it will be waived. However I do recommend adding the Cox complete care to your account $10 monthly to avoid the $50 charge.

02:03:20 PM [Shenea L.] Would you like me to add Cox Complete Care to your account and schedule the technician?

02:03:24 PM [Jeff] No 02:03:36 PM [Jeff] Schedule the tech please 02:03:59 PM [Shenea L.] Sure,

02:04:13 PM [Shenea L.] Because we are not entering homes at this time, when the technician arrives, they will check the cabling and equipment outside the home to confirm that there is no connection issue. They will also assist you from outside the home using different methods and will set any new equipment you may need at your door.

02:04:31 PM [Jeff] Okay 02:05:36 PM [Shenea L.] I'm truly sorry however the next available date is Friday at 8-10 am.

02:05:59 PM [Jeff] I am out of state from Thursday through Subday 02:06:03 PM [Jeff] Sunday 02:06:12 PM [Jeff] How anout next Monday? 02:07:28 PM [Shenea L.] Sure,

02:07:53 PM [Shenea L.] Would you like me to book for Monday at 8-10 am?

02:08:02 PM [Jeff] Ttrhat works 02:08:31 PM [Shenea L.] Please confirm for me a good number for the technicians to call?

02:08:40 PM [Jeff] xxx-xxx-xxxx 02:09:14 PM [Shenea L.] Appointment has been scheduled for 6/29/20 at 8-10A.

02:09:23 PM [Jeff] Great. Thanks 02:11:35 PM [Shenea L.] You're welcome!

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  • @YnotonY, I know how frustrating loss of service can be and we can look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the concern to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.