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5 years ago

Cox Gigablast FIBER | Phoenix, Az

I have the option to go Gigablast Fiber 1000:1000 vs the cable version of 1000:35...if i go this route, will i bypass this packet loss, latency, overloaded node mess?!  Does this crazy stuff just apply to cable modem traffic and not fiber?!  Thx

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    The Gigablast FTTH (Fiber to the Home) 1Gbps download/1Gbps upload will absolve all of your issues, for sure. It is a direct and dedicated fiber line to your house. Gigablast via DOCSIS 3.1 (1Gbps down/35Mbps up), from what I understand, would still be subject to node saturation (and packet loss, jitter, high latency, etc.).

    If you can get a dedicated fiber line to your house, do not hesitate for a second. You are very fortunate in this regard.

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      done deal.  scheduled for install with cox to turn on fiber. thank you!

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    Nope, I switched from the 300mbps plan to gigabit plan today and my speeds went from 150mbps (on 300mbps plan) to 30mbps on gigabit with a spike to 260mbps every once in a while. Even did a test at one point and had 800ms ping. I’m disgusted.