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2 years ago

Cox Filtering SMTP - Can't send at away from home locations and cannot forward spam/phishing messages to the spoofed "sender"

Previously, I only had problems sending emails when travelling outside the US.  I would have to respond to Cox messages via Gmail.  Using an e-mail client would result in the sent message being stuck in the outbox.  Later attempts would not let me log on to to see if using the browser interface would let me send.  Apparently, there is a Cox note to notify them about foreign travel, that may help this problem.  However, recently I have been unable to send emails when logged on to the Fairfax library open WiFi site.  I have no problems sending at home, nor with using Gmail at either location.    

In addition to the inability to send at remote sites, I have problems with Spam/Phishing emails that are in my Inbox.  I want to report them to the actual entity that the email was supposedly sent from.  They would like the email forwarded to an email address like "".  I have been unable to do that, I have to end up copying the text of the e-mail, and to be sure, copying the internet header from my email client (usually Outlook) and pasting that information into a Gmail email in order to report it.   

 I received a suspected Phishing email supposedly from Bank of America in my inbox today, But when I tried to forward it to my Gmail account so I could forward it on to BAC, it got an "Undeliverable" from Cox.   

The attempts to forward Spam, and to send from out of country were noted years ago.  The inability to send from the local library is something new.

Any ideas?  Is this Cox tightening up security on SMTP?  Are there any workarounds to sending the spam messages to the "implicated" party for analysis other than copying the text and header info a Gmail or Yahoo message?

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