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6 years ago

Cox email breach this week. Myself and another user in Orange County, CA

Good morning,

The hacker gained access to the secondary cox email that we used with our Amazon account.  By accessing the email account, the hacker was able to reset the password of our Amazon account.  The hacker then replaced the Cox email address listed on the Amazon account with .  I reported this to Amazon, they froze the account and after about 24 hours, restored everything.  Our password to the Cox email account was 9 characters long, One uppercase, two numbers and one special character - it was not something that could've been guessed.  The hacker placed two small digital purchases (probably games) through Amazon ($5.99 & $8.99) which my bank reversed after I disputed the charges.  My neighbor experienced the same exact problem within the last few days - Cox email account compromised and used to access her Amazon account.  The hacker also spent time resetting the password of an account I had with Steam (gaming) but I haven't used that in over 5 years so any credit card linked to it would've expired.  I changed the password to our Cox email accounts and I setup the Amazon account to require two-step authentication through my cel phone.  

Clearly a breach of Cox's email system and one that should've been disclosed by Cox.  I have reported the breach to the FCC.

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