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9 months ago

Cox disconnects services before due date.

I'm beyond irritated. These mfs want to charge an arm and a leg as it is, plus they bill you a month in advance, yet they have the nerve to disconnect your services two days early if you still haven't paid for the following bill for the next month yet. Why? What type of BS service is that? How dare you disconnect the services I already paid for, You Greedy bastards. My services shouldn't be disconnected prior to the next billing date. If you don't get your payment the day it's due,  that's one thing. But to cut someone off early? Screw you guys for that. Absolute garbage. 

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    This is a user forum.  No one here can help you with billing issues. 

    Contact or phone Cox and ask for the Billing Department.

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      I know it's a user forum. As a Cox client using their service I'm simply explaining the Bs experience. 

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        Ultimately this is a technical support forum, you'll need to take up you billing concern with Cox support.  Yes they do bill forward so to speak meaning you pay your bill at the start of your 30 day billing cycle rather than getting billed after your 30 days of service.  I know people that'll intentinally pay a month late because of this.  The people that do that do risk getting their services turned off for being late before their next statement generates.  I haven't personally looked in a long while but I believe 21 days late is typical for being at risk for a disconnect.