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4 years ago

cox customer service

I finally after months and months of complaining a technician figure out one of my problems with the internet. A bad splice was not letting me get full internet, now that the part was replaced I call to complain because I have ben paying  for a service that I never got. Of course they pass me from one to another always waiting for a supervisor. Finally a supervisor said that it is my fault because he does not see service tickets in my calls.   Does he thinks that I call cox to know if random strangers are having a good day, if the person in cox do not want to help how is that my problem. I have been complaining about the internet for years and always was my fault, cox always said that it was good on their side. Now I have the gigablast but it fluctuates constantly. There are some good people there I just can not find them. 

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    I just got transferred and hung up on, when calling. Now chat folks are not responding. I tried to post in the forums and it got flagged as abuse (maybe because I included repetitious looking packet loss logs). I'm honestly not sure what else to do.