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5 years ago

Cox blocking outgoing e-mail when connected to VPN

I have never been able to send an e-mail when I am connected to my VPN - always had to disconnect, send e-mail then reconnect. I was reading another post that suggested signing into webmail to get the domain/IP address white listed for 60 days but I cannot even sign into webmail when I am connected to the VPN, which is problematic as I need to sign into FoxSports, WatchESPN, HBOGO, etc. Normally this is just an average inconvenience, however I am now running my VPN client through my router to cover all machines on the network and obviously sending e-mail and logging into the webmail are neccesary and everyone shouldn't need to log into the router to stop the VPN client simply to send an e-mail.

Who do I need to talk to to get this figured out? I've dealt with this long enough - especially having to explain to everyone that they need to disconnect from the VPN to simply send an e-mail. I know with the repeal of Net Neutrality you guys are logging and collecting every search history from all of your customers, but personally I find that a little creepy - hence the VPN (though I would use it even w/ Net Neutrality), but I think at that point you guys likely wouldn't be blocking your customers from sending e-mails or logging into webmail if Net Neutrality WERE still in place. So I suppose it's somewhat of a chicken or the egg problem.

Thanks in advance for all of your help

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    If our mail server doesn't recognize the connection you're connecting from you may need to first verify your identity in order to send. You can try signing into your account while connected to your VPN to see if you are prompted for supplemental authentication. If you're able to complete this step you would be whitelisted for 60 days. Otherwise, the VPN will need to be disabled when sending email using your Cox account.