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COX ACP Dead End at

I got approval to receive benefit from FCC USAC.

Unfortunately, COX uses and does not accept IRS 1040 forms as proof of income.

I am retired and I only have IRS 1040 forms. I don't have other documents for proof of income.

I received this response from  

Prior year’s state, federal, or tribal tax return

This document does not match the document type selected

Do you think FCC can help me?

i.e. Filing an ACP complaint

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    I've read in the Forum, the obstacle isn't with Cox but instead the gov't.  I'd have to find the post but it appears the gov't is slow to update whatever databases the providers use.

    I think the original "lesson learned" in the post was to initiate your process with your provider instead of the FCC.

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      The problem is with a private company, a COX contractor.

      The FCC USAC approved my application, I only need to upload my 1040 form.

      I had contacted and COX with no success.

      The response from

      I am sorry that we couldn't help you in this instance. If you have any other questions about your account please let me know.


      Member Support Associate, Inc.

      I spoke with a senior manager at COX support and waiting for her research on the issue.

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        It reads like OP is requesting approval twice:  1 with FCC and 1 with Cox.

        I'm no expert on this but the gist of the lesson learned on the other post was to just apply at 1 source.

        If OP is retired, OP should be using whatever the form is for retirement income.

        UPDATED:  Form 1099-R