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5 years ago

Coronavirus Relief

Last bill included a relief for the "unlimited" internet package we have on top of our service. As mentioned by Cox ion a post on the 16th or march. We just got our latest bill and the charge for the unlimited package is back on it.

So Cox decided the coronavirus is now done??

Thanks for that COX....

No way to talk to a support person, email not working and can't even FIND live chat on the site let alone talk to someone

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    "We’ve got you covered. Beginning March 16, 2020 through May 15, 2020 data overage charges will be paused. Customers with Unlimited or 500GB data add-on plans will receive credits for their add-on plan for two bills. During this time we have suspended sales of our data plans. We want to help make sure you have the resources you need to remain productive during the coronavirus work and school closures."

    from the internet date usage page. Got credit tio one bill where it sates clearly here there should be two running up till May

  • The automatic credit likely has not been applied yet since it sounds like your bill printed before the next credit would be applied. The last one was applied on the 18th of last month, so it should apply around the same time this month. Reach out to us at after that date and we can check it further if you don't see it when looking online.

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